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As a small business owner, you started a blog on your website to help you find more customers.
“Build a blog”, they said, “There are millions of customers on the internet.”

Sadly, your efforts aren’t paying off.
Quite frankly, your blogging efforts seem like an expedition without an itinerary.

What should you write about?
How can you get more website traffic?
When can you expect to see some tangible results?

I totally get it.

A small business owner myself, I went through the same struggles and doubts about blogging for business. Committed to tackling these obstacles, I earned my Smart Blogger Content Marketer and SEO Strategy Specialist certifications and enjoyed the privilege of direct mentorship under Smart Blogger’s editorial team.

Now, I realize my dreams of “connecting with millions” by creating strategically designed content that reaches targeted audiences.

I created this agency to help small businesses (like yours) plan and create customized content that meets their customer growth objectives. So they can get back to running their business.

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