“My Organic Traffic Grew Exponentially”

I began working with Barbara of Epic SEO Content a year ago. At the time I had a lot of published content, but not a very strong keyword strategy.

Barbara identified specific keywords to rank for and provided recommendations on the types and structure of content to start ranking quickly. Within months my organic traffic grew exponentially at a rate of nearly 4000%. Additionally, Barbara has helped on several occasions to identify and correct technical issues that were hurting my rankings. Today my site ranks in Google’s top 10 for more than 100 keywords, with more growth on the way.

If you are looking for help with a content strategy, increasing your rankings, or figuring out what’s holding your rankings back, reach out to Barbara. You’ll be glad you did! 

Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Advisor. Author of The Unstoppable Organization and The Unstoppable Sales Machine.


Barbara’s writing style is clear and concise, and skillfully attracts and engages readers with enlightening posts on our company’s blog. When we decided to commission a writer for our first promotional ebook project, Barbara was a natural choice.

Her collaborative work ethic made managing this writing project a breeze. She met all the deliverable milestones and graciously accommodated requests for revisions and re-works.

The end result is an evergreen career guide that expertly delivers valuable information with a touch of charm, all within our suggested framework. We’re thrilled with our initial campaign results and are eager to leverage the ebook in future promotions.

Chief Content Officer, Smart Blogger.com

“An eye for details”

I’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with Barbara, first as her editor, then during her time as an Associate Editor for Smart Blogger.

Not only is she a clear and clever writer with an eye for details, she’s also well-organized, prompt, and a great communicator. Tie it all together with a positive, can-do attitude, and you have someone who will surely succeed wherever she goes.

Former Assistant Blog Editor, Smart Blogger

“Increased pageviews and ad revenue”

A year ago I asked Barbara to help me figure out how I could get my site to start ranking for chicken articles, and she found several excellent keywords that I could rank for, so I wrote the articles, and now I have multiple top ten — Google page one — articles about chickens! This has resulted in increased pageviews and ad revenue for the site.


“We now rank #1”

In the 20 years since we started raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, the breed went from being on the verge of extinction to becoming the most popular goat breed! That’s great for the future of the breed, but that means that we went from having a two-year waiting list for kids to not being able to sell all of the kids born some years.

I knew we needed to get our website ranking better on Google, and we now rank #1 when searching for “nigerian dwarf goats for sale in Illinois.” More importantly, we sold all of our baby goats last spring, and we already have 12 reservations for next spring, and our first goat is not even due to kid for another three months.